October 25, 2019

How To Check Your Furnace Before Winter

Written by SAMS Heating & Air Conditioning

Winter is the most important time to have a properly-working furnace. Therefore, it’s best to check it out before winter comes! Here are our tips for how to check to make sure your furnace is working before winter. 

1. Make sure your air filters don’t need to be replaced.

Depending on your type of filter, you may need to replace it more or less often. It’s recommended that 1-2 inch filters are replaced every three months, 4-inch filters every six months, and 5-inch filters each year. If you’re not sure which you have, call us here at SAM’s and we’ll gladly check it out for you!

2. Turn it on to make sure it’s heating properly.

Obviously, one of the most important functions of a furnace is to heat your home! If it’s not doing its job, definitely give us a call. We’ll get it straightened out for you. 

3. Ensure that there’s not a bad smell coming from your furnace.

When you turn your furnace on, there shouldn’t be any smell coming from it. If you notice a bad odor when you turn on the furnace, there’s probably an issue within the system. 

Give us a service call here at Sam’s Heating and Air Conditioning; we’re proud to have served Michiana since 2002. We can be reached at (269) 663-5700 or (574) 255-9184. Let us make you our next happy customer!

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