October 25, 2019

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning May Need Help

Written by SAMS Heating & Air Conditioning

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning May Need Help

Air conditioning is an extremely valuable privilege, and it’s one we often take for granted. So much so that when it stops working properly, we learn how important it truly is to our daily lives. However, it’s not always obvious when your unit isn’t working 100% the way it should be; here are 3 signs that your air conditioning unit may need a checkup.

1. Reduced airflow from the unit.

Chances are, you’ve gotten used to the amount of air your unit puts out on a regular basis. However, if you notice that there’s not as much air coming out, it’s likely there’s an issue. Sometimes, your air filter is the culprit; other times, there may be a larger problem with the blower or another part of the system. Regardless, it’s worth reaching out to us to come take a look.

2. A strange noise coming from your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning units typically make a soft whirring sound, which can be comforting and become white noise in your home as you get used to it. However, if you notice any other sounds coming from your unit, there may be an underlying issue causing the sound.

3. Less cooling power.

You probably have a favorite temperature to keep your home, and it can be frustrating when your house is too warm or too cool – especially when it’s not changing. If your air conditioning unit isn’t getting your home to the temperature you want, it’s probably time to get a representative from Sam’s Heating and Air Conditioning to look at it.

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to be working the way it should, give us a call here at Sam’s Heating and Air Conditioning! We can be reached at (269) 663-5700 or (574) 255-9184. We’ve proudly served Michiana for 17 years, and we’re not happy until you’re happy.

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